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Kick Ice Out of Our Communities

Kick ICE out of our communities

Since President Trump came into office, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been expanding its reach across the country, often using state and local law enforcement to do its dirty work. More than 80 jurisdictions in 21 states have signed 287(g) deportation agreements that allow local police and sheriffs to target, abuse, and deport immigrants.

The 287(g) agreement gives local police authority to be ICE agents in jails and target people who look or sound "like immigrants," in order to interrogate them about their immigration status. They use ICE's database to deport people who are accused of minor non-immigration offenses. And they issue unconstitutional ICE detainers to hold people for up to 48 hours, even if all charges have been dropped.

To date, these agreements are responsible for deporting over 12,000 immigrants in the two Trump years alone, tearing apart families and communities, and damaging trust and cooperation with police. In the process, 287(g) has exacerbated xenophobia and endangered our communities across the country, while costing counties and cities valuable tax dollars that should be put toward real priorities, not subsidizing ICE.

To fight back, members of Congress have introduced the PROTECT Immigration Act, which would eliminate 287(g) agreements altogether. All of these agreements will expire on June 30, so we have a real chance to win this fight by pushing states, cities and counties to refuse to renew them now.

Let's speak up while we have the chance: Add your name to stop ICE from using local police to do its dirty work.

To Congress:

Stop state and local law enforcement from doing ICE's dirty work. Pass the PROTECT Immigration Act.