Flint's Poisoned Children Deserve the Truth


Flint's poisoned children deserve the truth. They deserve to know exactly why their government failed them. And they deserve to know who is behind the Flint water crisis, one of our nation’s most severe, manmade public health disasters.

But a Michigan law that exempts the governor’s office from Freedom of Information Act investigations keeps that truth hidden.

FOIA laws guarantee our access to public records of government bodies. This is one of few tools citizens have to hold their elected leaders accountable and to ensure government transparency. Unfortunately, Michigan is one of only two states in the country that shields its governor from FOIA requests. And without crucial information, Flint residents will remain in the dark.

Tell the Michigan state legislature to amend its laws to compel the governor to release crucial information. We need to send a strong message: No one is above the law – especially when it comes to harming our children’s health.

Recently, the Center for Public Integrity ranked Michigan dead last in the nation in terms of state ethics and transparency. And while Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is under enormous pressure to waive his FOIA privilege, he has only released heavily redacted emails. Crucial clues to the crisis remain hidden in unreleased emails from 2013 – when the state first decided to cut costs and serve Flint residents contaminated water from the Flint River.

Stand with the residents of Flint and Michigan at large. Tell the Michigan state legislature not to keep us in the dark any longer.

To the Michigan State Legislature:

Flint's poisoned children deserve the truth. Amend the state FOIA law to no longer exempt the Governor’s office and the Legislature from the law’s reach.