Tell the FCC: Don’t Let the ISPs Sell Free Speech

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UPDATE(11/10): President Obama just announced his support of net neutrality. After people sent nearly 4 million comments to the FCC — overwhelmingly in favor of net neutrality — Obama urged the FCC to do everything it can to ensure a free and open Internet.

Obama presented a plan including no blocking or throttling internet access, no paid prioritization 'fast lanes,' and increased transparency.

Now it’s up to the FCC. Keep up the pressure on the FCC: tell them not to create an Internet 'fast lane.'

Internet Service Providers want to line their pockets by selling preferential treatment to corporations that can afford it — all at your expense. 

The FCC has proposed so-called ‘net neutrality’ rules that would allow ISPs like Verizon and Comcast to do just that, by charging for an Internet ‘fast lane.’

If the FCC rules go through, the Internet is going to be sold to the highest bidder. An Internet ‘fast lane’ will influence our access to news and public debate, and it will weaken our democracy through the manipulation of Internet traffic and free speech. 

This is a critical moment for net neutrality. The FCC says they’ll listen to public opinion before they issue their final rules. So the more of our voices they hear, the more likely they’ll hear what we’re saying.

Will you tell the FCC we won’t stand for an Internet for sale?