Don't release this American detainee in a war zone

Person released from cell with handcuffs

Update 10/29/18: Thanks to our collective action and wins in court, our client was freed on October 29. This victory sends a strong message that the Trump administration can't take away an American's liberty without a fair trial.

The Trump administration has effectively admitted that it has no reason to continue detaining the ACLU's client, who has been unlawfully imprisoned in Iraq by the U.S. military without charges for almost nine months. But instead of offering a safe release, the administration wants to dump an American citizen on the side of a road in Syria – a war-torn country – without a passport, ID, or any assurances of protection.

The U.S. Department of State has classified travel to Syria as an absolute "do not travel" threat, encouraging citizens to "draft a will" in the event that they decide to not heed the government’s warning. The Trump administration won't even deport Syrians from the U.S. to Syria because it said that doing so "would pose a serious threat to their personal safety." So then why would the administration not follow its own advice and deliberately release an American in a war zone?

What the government is offering our client isn't a release – it's a death sentence. Now, our fight isn't just for our client's right to due process, it's also for his right to life. Urge Defense Secretary James Mattis to change the terms of this American detainee’s release so that he can safely return home.

Secretary Mattis:

We demand the safe release of the ACLU's client, a U.S. citizen who has been illegally detained in Iraq without charges for almost nine months. The administration's decision to dump this man in Syria is, by the U.S.'s own State Department definition, effectively a death sentence. He must be released safely.