Stand Up for Smart Justice in Connecticut

Connecticut has made progress toward ending mass incarceration, but we have work to do.

Every day, incarceration hurts families, communities, and economies in our state: Connecticut imprisons 334% more people than it did in 1968, an increase that far outpaces population growth and crime. Too often, fair treatment in the justice system still depends on how much money you have or the color of your skin — racial disparities in Connecticut's prisons and jails are among the worst in the country. Formerly incarcerated people have difficulty securing employment, housing, and occupational licenses and face a multitude of other obstacles to reentering society long after they have served their sentences.

It's time to turbocharge the effort to create a smarter justice system that prioritizes strong communities and fairness, not the short-sighted, brutal, and costly impulse to punish.

ACLU Smart Justice Connecticut is working for policies to usher in a new era of justice, where families are thriving because our state has chosen to invest in people, not incarceration, and where every person, from every background, is treated fairly by the justice system. Together, we can cut Connecticut's prison and jail populations and end racial inequality in our justice system.

Sign the petition: show Connecticut politicians that our state is ready for Smart Justice.

I am a Connecticut resident, and I support ACLU Smart Justice Connecticut.

It is time for Connecticut to cut its prison and jail population, end racial disparities in our state’s justice system, and usher in a new era of justice that prioritizes strong communities and fairness over punishment and incarceration.