Take the Pledge: Support Black, Latinx, and Trans Youth

Trans youth, Black youth, and Latinx youth are under attack nationwide. Connecticut is no exception. Connecticut politicians have tried to prevent trans youth from being part of their school community in Greenwich and gave an award to people trying to prevent trans kids from playing in school sports statewide. Connecticut lawmakers from both political parties supported and passed bills in 2022 that will worsen the school-to-prison pipeline, put more children in adult prisons, and increase policing – all at the expense of mental healthcare services, education, and other supports for youth. Because of systemic racism, all these attacks are most dangerous for Black and Latinx kids.

Now more than ever, trans, Black, and Latinx youth need to know that Connecticut adults are with them. It's on all of us to show that when politicians rely on racist fearmongering and misogynistic stereotypes, they aren't speaking in our names.

The Connecticut we want to see is healthy, strong, and safe for all of us, not just people who are wealthy, white, and cisgender.

We believe in a Connecticut where youth are loved and included as they are. Where they're safe from harm by police, prisons, and those who would reject them for being their authentic selves.

We believe in a Connecticut where youth find compassion, help, and support when they need it, not barriers to mental or physical healthcare, or handcuffs and prisons that set them up to fail.

We believe in a Connecticut where students learn the truth about our world, not a whitewashed version of history, and are ready to help make it better.

We know it's possible to create a Connecticut where people value our communities' health and futures more than prisons, policing, or hate.

Show trans, Black, and Latinx youth that there are more people in Connecticut who want to see them grow up, thrive, and find joy than those who want to exclude and harm them.

Take our pledge to let youth know you're with them.

I believe in a Connecticut where every young person is loved, supported, and safe. No child should have to face the attacks that are targeting trans youth, Black youth, and Latinx youth in Connecticut right now. I’m joining the ACLU of Connecticut’s pledge in support of trans, Black, and Latinx youth to show that adults value them, support them, and will keep fighting for a future where our state invests in them, not prisons, policing, or hate.