Congress: Pass The Equality Act Now

Two people holding hands with LGBTQ+ pride flag behind them

Together, we’ve made massive strides toward achieving equality for LGBT people, but there’s still much to do. Our country’s current anti-discrimination laws are full of holes. There are laws protecting people based on race, sex, disability, and religion – but there are no explicit protections for people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity in all areas of public life.

It’s 2018. Most people oppose discrimination against LGBT people, but it’s still commonplace. We need to update our federal laws to ensure comprehensive protections.

Today, there are corporations that refuse to hire people because they are LGBT. Landlords still refuse to rent to same-sex couples. Transgender people are regularly refused critical medical care, even by emergency responders. The Equality Act would update our laws to provide all people with full protection from discrimination – and that’s why we need to enact this historic legislation.

While the Trump administration continues to work at every turn to undermine our progress by arguing that this kind of discrimination is lawful, we must fight back by ensuring that LGBT people are able to lead lives free from the deep harms of discrimination. There’s too much at stake to sit quietly and wait – particularly for transgender people, who’ve been battling from North Carolina to Alaska for the right just to exist in public spaces. In every state and every community – transgender people belong, and our laws should reflect that.

Equality will never be real if we fear being turned away from a job or business or treated differently because of who we are. It's time to take a giant step forward to provide nationwide, explicit protections to millions of Americans who face discrimination every day.

Sign this petition telling Congress the time is now: Pass the Equality Act today.

To Members of Congress:

Our country’s existing discrimination laws leave gaps in protections for LGBT people, women, and people of color. Support the Equality Act and ensure all of our civil rights are equally protected under the law.