San Joaquin: Take the Pledge for Real Public Safety

A photograph of a woman speaking into a megaphone with a dark burgundy color overlaid.

Our laws give the police more authority than nearly any other profession - the power to stop, search, arrest, and even use deadly force on members of our community. For too long, this power has been abused. Our community deserves resources for economic development, affordable housing, mental health treatment and support during crises that do not involve law enforcement. We deserve real public safety.

It will take all of us to make equitable safety and opportunity a reality for all people in San Joaquin County. Will you pledge to stand up for bold, transformative action?

It is clear that we can no longer wait for change. Law enforcement and its allies are powerful, but we are more powerful when we come together and fight for what our community really needs.

Add your name to stand for justice and freedom from discriminatory policing in San Joaquin.

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