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When people come to the U.S. southern border seeking asylum, they often carry their most important personal belongings: items of significance to their faith, critical medications, phones, money, and essential documents.

But when Border Patrol apprehends migrants exercising their right to seek refuge, they often trash their belongings or confiscate and fail to return them.

Finding safety shouldn’t come at the cost of losing everything.

Border Patrol’s actions violate their own policies, unnecessarily cause migrants’ extreme hardship and distress, and can even be life-threatening. The trashing of people’s belongings also creates additional challenges for local governments and nonprofit organizations that work to assist migrants upon their release from Border Patrol custody.

If you believe that people seeking refuge in our country deserve to be welcomed with dignity, join us by advocating for change!

Welcoming migrants is core to who we are as Americans but instead of upholding our values and laws, Border Patrol is further traumatizing people seeking asylum by taking and trashing their most cherished belongings. This ineffective policy of indiscriminately trashing people’s belongings has resulted in medical complications, endangered asylum cases, and inability to communicate with loved ones. That’s why I am joining groups like the ACLU of Arizona, the Kino Border Initiative, ProtectAZ Health, and the Sikh Coalition to urge Border Patrol to end this policy and ensure that migrants' belongings are handled with consistency and care.