Stop the anti-lgbtq laws in Arkansas

Stop Anti-LGBTQ Laws in Arkansas!

The Arkansas General Assembly is launching dangerous attacks on the civil rights and liberties of LGBTQ Arkansans. At least one bill has already been introduced that represents a coordinated, hate-driven campaign to erase LGBTQ – and particularly trans people – from the public eye. These laws are unconstitutional and a waste of taxpayer money, and can have a devastating impact on our state's economy.

Let's be loud and clear: Lawmakers have a responsibility to uphold the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ Arkansans and ensure they are protected under the law.

This includes the right to expression, the right to access healthcare, the right to marry, the right to live free from harassment in public, and the right to live free from discrimination in housing, employment and other areas of their lives.

We stand together in opposition to any attacks against our LGBTQ communities by our elected officials. We reject the discrimination and prejudice that is perpetuated by laws, policies, and other initiatives that target LGBTQ Arkansans.

We demand that our representatives set aside their personal beliefs and political agendas, and instead focus on making our state a place where all Arkansans can live in safety, security, and dignity. We understand that true progress begins with meaningful dialogue and collaboration, and we call upon our state lawmakers to come together and work with our LGBTQ communities to create legislation that protects and defends their rights and freedoms.

We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ family and friends, and we demand that our state lawmakers do the same.