Demand Transparency from Trump

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Donald J. Trump has not fully answered questions about his looming conflicts of interest. His ethical and financial conflicts threaten to undermine the public’s confidence in fair government – and even our national security.

The ACLU is demanding access to key documents concerning Trump’s conflicts of interest. The public has a right to know – and we need your help to make sure we get the full story.

On day one of the Trump presidency – and on behalf of the American public – the ACLU took legal action: We filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Office of Government Ethics and three other government offices. FOIA is a crucial tool for ordinary Americans to provide checks and balances on elected officials – this won’t be our last one.

Don’t forget: the American president is accountable to YOU – and it’s your job to hold him accountable. Obtaining information on Trump’s actual or potential conflicts of interest is critical for a functioning democracy – and insisting on this kind of oversight is how we keep presidential power in check.

This demand is just a first step to keep President Trump’s administration transparent and accountable. Let’s make it clear that we need answers now.

To the Office of Government Ethics:

Do not delay – release all documents pertaining to Donald Trump’s actual or potential conflicts of interest. Trump has kept the American people in the dark for too long. For the sake of our democracy, we need you to bring this matter into the light and give the public access to this vital information.