Stop the cruel and unusual punishment of transgender prisoners in Oregon

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Transgender prisoners in Oregon are being denied life-saving medical care.

We recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of Michelle Wright, a transgender prisoner whose requests for care have repeatedly been denied by prison officials. Despite being diagnosed with gender dysphoria by prison medical staff, which causes severe anxiety, depression, and suicidality, Michelle’s pleas for humane treatment have been ignored.

Michelle isn’t alone in her struggle. We have heard from over a dozen other transgender prisoners who are facing similar treatment.

Please join us in calling on the Oregon Department of Corrections to end their cruel policies and practices that deny life-saving care to transgender prisoners by signing our petition. To deny essential medical care is considered cruel and unusual punishment and is prohibited under the Eight Amendment of the Constitution.

We call on the Oregon Department of Corrections to end the harmful policies and practices that are denying medical treatment to transgender prisoners in their custody. All people should be treated humanely, even when they are in prison.

Denying transgender people adequate medical care while they are in prison is cruel and unusual. Prisoners with untreated gender dysphoria face increased rates of depression, self-harm, and suicidality.

The standard care for gender dysphoria is widely accepted by the medical and mental health communities as medically-necessary. Gender-affirming therapies should be tailored to each person’s needs and can include counseling, hormones, and surgery.

The Oregon Department of Corrections has a duty and obligation to treat all prisoners humanely, especially the most vulnerable. Stop denying life-saving treatment to transgender prisoners. 

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