DELIVERED! Governor Kasich, you can't just ban abortion

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Update (12/19/16): We joined our partners UltraViolet, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, and Women Have Options Ohion to deliver over 200,000 petition signatures calling on Governor Kasich to put health before politics. Even though the governor signed the unconstitutional 20-week ban into law, this fight is far from over.

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The incoming Trump administration has made it clear – they will use any means necessary to abolish reproductive freedom, choice, and health care.

This is how it starts: The Ohio legislature just passed two bans on abortion that are blatantly unconstitutional — including one of the most extreme bans the country has ever seen.

One bill would ban abortion starting at six weeks – before most people even learn they’re pregnant. At the same time legislators are pushing an equally unconstitutional 20-week ban in case the first one doesn't become law.

We’re not fooled. We know this is an attempt to strip away women’s ability to make decisions about bodies, lives, and futures.

The Trump administration – including Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who has championed the country’s most restrictive abortion policies – is threatening to mount a Supreme Court challenge to Roe v. Wade. Ohio is setting the stage for that fight with these bans.

Threats to Roe v. Wade are threats to all of us. But let’s not forget the people who are going to be most harmed if Governor Kasich refuses to veto these bills: low-income women, women of color, and others who face obstacles to accessing reproductive health services.

That’s who the Ohio legislature is targeting with their abortion bans. That’s who Congress will target if they attempt to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding, again. And that’s who we’re fighting for now.

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To Governor John Kasich:

Veto HB 493 and SB 127 – two unconstitutional bills that place politics squarely in between a woman and her doctor.