Religious Freedom Must Do No Harm

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Religious freedom is a fundamental American value and a basic tenant of our Constitution, but it can’t be used as a weapon to cause harm to others.

The ACLU is partnering with more than 70 national organizations to support the Do No Harm Act. This bill will ensure that this country continues to protect true religious freedom for all, without allowing religion to be used to hurt others.

The Do No Harm Act would limit the dangerous ways we have been seeing the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) used to justify discriminatory acts in this country over the past two decades.

Specifically, the Do No Harm Act would clarify that the RFRA can’t be used to exempt anyone from laws that prohibit discrimination, require equal pay, protect child welfare, or guarantee access to health care.

The Do No Harm Act furthers true religious freedom.

We’re all free to believe – or not – as we see fit, and to practice our faith. What we can’t do is use religion as an excuse to discriminate against or harm others.

Tell your members of Congress you want them to co-sponsor the Do No Harm Act today.

To my members of Congress:

Religious freedom is a critical founding principle of this country, but it doesn’t allow anyone to discriminate against or harm others.