DeVos: Guns don’t belong in classrooms

Betsy Devos with pencils and guns behind her

Secretary Betsy DeVos wants to give teachers guns. This proposal alone is ludicrous: It poses an obvious threat to school safety and it’s certainly not a solution for preventing classroom shootings. Even worse – DeVos is willing to divert Title IV funding to put guns in classrooms. This money was originally intended to support the nation’s poorest schools.

Educators across the country have already spoken out: Teachers want to teach, students want to learn, and guns in classrooms have no part in that. Spending federal funds to weaponize schools threatens the safety of learning spaces and will harm the schools that need resources the most.

This is a malicious attempt to push the administration’s agenda of militarizing our schools even further – disproportionately harming students of color, who are then deprived of an equal education. The Department of Education is spreading false information to legitimize this proposal, too. The DOE reported that 240 schools had at least one school-related shooting, but the ACLU of California was able to confirm fewer than a dozen incidents.

DeVos must use the Title IV funds for what they were originally intended: providing quality, well-rounded education for students at underserved schools, and making sure students are healthy and safe. In a world where millions of students go to schools with cops but no counselors, that means staffing schools with health professionals – to meet students’ emotional, social, and behavioral needs. That does not mean giving teachers guns.

Join the nationwide outcry so DeVos can hear us loud and clear: Guns don’t belong in classrooms. Ever.

To Education Secretary Betsy DeVos:

Do not use education funding to arm teachers. This would increase the threat of violence against our children and will divert much-needed funds from our nation’s poorest schools.