Not one cent for Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda

Piggy bank with police and ICE coming out of it in front of brick wall'

Update(5/1/2017): Congress refused to fund Trump’s wall, but increased border security did make it into the budget. We’ll keep fighting to hold ICE and border patrol accountable - and we know we can count on you to fight with us.

Trump needs billions of dollars from Congress to implement his anti-immigrant agenda. So we’ve got a chance to block his unconstitutional executive orders.

On March 16, the Trump administration requested an extra $3 billion from Congress through September 2017 to pay for:

  • The border wall that Democrats and Republicans alike call a waste of taxpayer dollars
  • More inhumane and abusive private prisons
  • Letting loose 1,000 new ICE agents to roam community spaces to aggressively apprehend immigrants alleged to be undocumented
  • Five hundred more border patrol agents, dangerous because of the lack of accountability and internal oversight for agents like the Customs and Border Protection agent who sexually assaulted two young sisters trying to escape violence in Guatemala

This is just the beginning. President Trump will need billions more on top of what he is requesting.

We can’t let Congress fund his cruel agenda to round up immigrants and separate families.

Since Trump's election, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has detained DREAMers, stalked a courthouse to arrest a domestic violence survivor, and arrested parents outside schools as their children watched.

This vote requires 60 senators – and we can make sure the ‘yes’ tally never gets that high. Add your name now to tell the Senate to say NO to funding Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

To Senators:

Say NO to funding President Trump’s border wall, deportation force, and detention camps through the appropriations budget process. Do not authorize a single cent to be used for these cruel and unjust efforts. They will result in widespread violations of constitutional rights.