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2023 State Legislative Action Pledge: Sign Up Now

For the past several years now, state legislative sessions have, slowly but surely, led to the systematic chipping away of some of our most fundamental freedoms.

This year – without the protections of Roe v. Wade in place and with public officials determined to target the rights and health of trans people – we're sure to see even more attacks crop up in the form of cruel state bills. We know that these attacks won't stop with abortion and gender-affirming care either. The same politicians seeking to control our bodies are coming for our right to access birth control, to marry whom we love, to learn freely in our classrooms, and even to vote.

We at the ACLU will never stop fighting for the freedom of people to fully control our bodies, lives, and futures. We have legal, advocacy, and organizing teams in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico and we are mobilizing a whole-of-organization response to these extreme attacks across the country. But we need the full force of our dedicated community speaking out with us: Please sign up today to be part of this crucial work in 2023 and we will send you updates and ways to take action as this year's legislative sessions continue to unfold.

Yes, please keep me updated on the latest in the 2023 legislative sessions and ways to take action across each state. I want to be part of the ACLU's critical work this year to defend trans rights, reproductive freedom, voting rights, students' right to learn, and all our rights from extreme bills and politicians trying to target us.