Demand a moratorium on 1033

Police Militarization

Local and state police around the country are being armed like soldiers through the Department of Defense’s 1033 program.

Authorities are getting dangerous military equipment and therefore a green light to use paramilitary tactics with civilians. Authorities use the 1033 program claiming it will “enhance officer safety,” but paramilitary policing puts everyone at risk.

Paramilitary SWAT teams force their way into people’s homes in the middle of the night, often just to search for drugs, wounding and even killing pets and children. Militarized police aim rifles at peaceful protestors as seen in Ferguson, Missouri. Even college campus police are getting armored trucks, grenade launchers, and military-grade body armor.

Police militarization is unnecessary and dangerous.

The program has been in effect and unchecked for over two decades. Since the 1990s, 1033 has provided more than $5 billion worth of surplus military equipment to state and local agencies – at no cost to them and at high cost to taxpayers.

The federal government is already reviewing the 1033 program and other federal programs that fuel the militarization of policing. A moratorium will halt military give-aways to local police while this review is underway.

Demand a moratorium on 1033 today.

The Department of Defense:

Stop arming local and state law enforcement with military equipment.

Impose a moratorium on the 1033 program to temporarily halt equipment transfers and create transparency and safeguards within this program.