VICTORY! Providing an abortion could be a felony

Oklahoma's new bill makes it a felony to provide an abortion. That's outrageous.'

Update (5/27/16): Victory! Oklahoma's legislative session ended without a veto override of the anti-abortion bill SB1552. For now, Oklahomans can get the abortion services they need without politicians threatening to put doctors behind bars. But we expect this bill to come back next session. Stay tuned for more ways you can continue the fight.

Now let's continue the fight for reproductive health and safety: Take action to support the EACH Woman Act and nullify the harmful effects of the Hyde Amendment.

Oklahoma has done as much as it can to block a woman's access to abortion. Now the state is tipping the scales with unprecedented, unconstitutional legislation.

SB 1552 is a bill that would put doctors in prison for providing an abortion.

The bill is so extreme that it aims to punish doctors with up to three years of prison and revoke their licenses.

Governor Fallin vetoed this outrageous legislation, SB 1552, after it passed both chambers in the state legislature. But now, it could be overriden by the legislature.

We only have a few days to urge the Oklahoma legislature to sustain Governor Fallin's veto of SB 1552 and let this legislation die.

To members of the Oklahoma legislature:

Oklahomans have a constitutional right to make the personal decision to end a pregnancy. SB 1552 not only interferes with that right, but punishes professionals for providing crucially important reproductive health care.

This dangerous bill hurts women, their families, and makes doctors criminals for providing medical care to women. We urge you to sustain Governor Fallin's veto of SB 1552 and let this legislation die.