Speaker's Bureau Application

Are you interested in having an impact? Do you enjoy speaking in front of other people, or want to develop that skill further? If so, please fill out the application below and be on your way to becoming a trained ACLU of Northern Califorina (NC) speaker. 

The ACLU-NC receives speaking requests from primary schools and colleges, workplaces, and other community groups and speaks on a broad range of topics from immigrants' rights and criminal justice issues to reproductive justice and gender equity issues and many others. As trained speakers you will play an important role in educating the community and buidling support for the ACLU. The amount of interest and need for ACLU speakers ebbs and flows depending on the time of year and political climate. 

We will provide a training sometime in the month of June, and ongoing support for Speakers Bureau members to receive timely updates about ACLU issues in the news and how we are talking about those issues. 

Please contact Steven Medeiros at smedeiros@aclunc.org with questions about serving on our speaker's bureau. 

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