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Ask your representative to vote yes on the Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration's House and Senate Bills

The Michigan Senate just passed a series of Smart Justice bills that will put an end to locking people up for minor traffic violations, give judges more sentencing discretion, provide alternatives to jail for people with mental health issues, and reduce jail stays for misdemeanors.

Help us cross the finish line.

There are only a few voting days left in the legislative session to get these bills passed and on the Governor’s desk. Passing this legislation could prevent thousands of people from being needlessly arrested and jailed.

Your elected officials work for you. Let them know that you support equal justice, and you want your tax dollars to support Smart Justice. Ask your elected House Representatives to vote “yes” on House bills 5844-5857 and Senate bills 1046-1051.

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Vote yes on the Michigan Joint Task Force Jail and Pretrial bills
Dear State Legislator,

As a voter, I believe the presumption of “justice” in our criminal legal system is a sacred principle. I urge you to vote for these fair and sensible judicial reforms that will uphold Michigan’s commitment to justice.

Vote yes on these bills to put an end to jail admissions for minor offenses, to save money, and make better use of our law enforcement resources.


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