Governor Cooper, Veto Anti-Protester Bill HB805

The N.C. House of Representatives just passed HB 805, an anti-Black Lives Matter bill in retaliation for last summer’s protests demanding racial justice and police accountability.

This bill is now on the Governor's desk. We need you to take action and demand that Governor Cooper veto HB 805. Cooper has said that he's committed to racial justice - it’s up to you to hold him accountable.

The bill sends a very damaging message to our communities: North Carolinians must be willing to risk the immediate and long-term loss of their freedom, health, bodily autonomy, and economic security if they decide to protest police violence against Black and Brown communities.

HB 805 is a threat to our necessary freedom to protest by giving law enforcement and prosecutors broad discretion in who they arrest and how people are punished for protesting.

This legislation does not advance public safety, in fact, it enables harm to Black and Brown people, who are already more likely to be targeted for arrest.

Use the form below to urge Governor Cooper to veto this bill and refuse to support lawmakers’ retaliation for North Carolinians’ sustained call for racial justice.

In this video, Kerwin Pittman, a member of the Governor's Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice, share public comments to the N.C. Senate Rules Committee on August 10, 2021. (Scroll down to send your message urging Governor Cooper to veto HB 805.)

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Gov. Cooper: Veto HB805
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