Next Generation Society

Donate today to support the work of the NYCLU!

The Next Generation Society is a membership group for young professionals, activists and philanthropists who are committed to supporting the work of the NYCLU. Members of the Next Generation Society bring an infusion of energy to the organization, diverse professional and social networks, and most importantly, their passion for protecting civil liberties for the coming generations.

The benefits of joining the Next Generation Society include:

  • NYCLU and ACLU membership
  • Opportunities to attend social events hosted by the NYCLU Associate Council
  • Discounted tickets to NYCLU fundraising events


* Please note that Next Generation membership is a two-step process.  Once you click the join button, you will make a tax-deductible donation of $100.  Then proceed to the ACLU membership page to make a $20 non-tax deductible payment for your membership fee.

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