Criminalizing immigrants shouldn't be a business opportunity

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The country's biggest for-profit prison companies like the GEO Group and the Corrections Corporation of America already pull in millions of dollars a year locking up immigrants in federal custody. If immigration reform goes badly, they will make even more.

The House Judiciary Committee has passed the SAFE Act (HR 2278), a toxic measure that, if passed, would turn millions of undocumented immigrants into criminals overnight. No longer a civil violation, not having papers would also become a federal crime punishable by months or years in a U.S. prison. It would also dramatically expand the civil immigration detention system.

Private prison companies could rake in huge profits if this bill becomes law - nearly half of all people in immigration detention are locked in private jails and prisons. This would come at a staggering cost to taxpayers, who would pay private prisons billions of dollars to imprison individuals who are not a public safety risk.

We need to stop Congress from handing a windfall to prison profiteers through this dangerous, profit-hungry legislation. Tell Speaker Boehner: Don't bring the SAFE Act to the House floor.

To Speaker Boehner:

The SAFE Act is bad for immigrants and bad for our already overburdened criminal justice system. The only winners if this toxic bill passes are private prison companies, who stand to profit from the increased incarceration of immigrants by the federal government.

Changes to our immigration policy shouldn’t be opportunities for private prison companies to expand their business. Don't bring the SAFE Act to the House floor.

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