Keep California’s workforce healthy

Pass AB 3216

COVID-19 has highlighted the challenges that many of California’s frontline workers face when it comes to being able to take paid leave to care for themselves and their families.

Existing laws have fallen short – most Californians are only given three paid sick days per year and millions do not qualify for federal paid sick leave because they work for a large employer. Others are unable to use paid family leave to bond with a new child or care for a sick family member without worrying they will be fired.

Without paid sick leave, people are less likely to see a healthcare provider when they fall ill and more likely to go to work while contagious. We must change California’s laws to protect the health of our workforce and our community with AB 3216.

AB 3216 would:

  • provide 3 days of emergency paid sick leave to all workers during a state of public health emergency;
  • provide 12 weeks of job-protected emergency family and medical leave for workers in a vulnerable population at high risk of severe illness and for workers who are subject to a quarantine order during a state of emergency;
  • provide 12 weeks of job-protected emergency family and medical leave to care for a child, parent, or spouse whose school or care facilities have been closed due to a state of emergency;
  • provide a right of recall and retention for workers who have been laid off in industries heavily impacted by COVID-19: hotels, airport hospitality, event centers, and building services.

Another family leave bill, SB 1383, would expand job-protected family and pregnancy leave to all employees who work for employers with 5 or more employees, so that the vast majority of Californians can access at least 12 weeks of job-protected emergency leave to care for themselves, a new baby, or a sick family member.

Combined, AB 3216 and SB 1383 would provide strong job protections, so our front-line workers do not have to choose between their paychecks and taking the time they need to care for themselves and their families.

Tell your legislators to support California workers by voting YES on AB 3216 and SB 1383!

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Vote YES to close the paid leave gap

Every major public health agency recommends staying home when sick with an infectious disease. Yet, most Californians are unable to take the leave they need to care for themselves and their families without impacting their economic stability.

The gaps in our paid leave laws leave many Californians unable to follow public health guidance without risking their paycheck. This has a disproportionate impact on women, people of color, and immigrants.

Paid leave strengthens health outcomes for communities, eases financial burdens, and retains economic security, all while improving employee retention and morale.

COVID-19 does not limit its spread to those who have the means to take leave and seek healthcare. It has ravaged vulnerable communities across the nation and exposed the shortcomings of our existing system. Failure to provide adequate sick and family leave risks the health and lives of not only the workers and their families, but the entire community.

I urge you to vote YES on AB 3216 and SB 1383 to protect the health and well-being of our state’s workforce.


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