It's practically torture - and we're doing it to our youth?

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Every day across the country, kids as young as 13 are held in solitary confinement with almost no human contact for days or months at a time. Solitary can amount to torture, and the consequences can be devastating for children because they are still developing—that's why we must stop this cruelty now.

Last year, we joined with 40 advocacy groups and launched a campaign to pressure the Attorney General to ban solitary confinement for youth in federal custody—which would set an important precedent for states to follow suit. 

We received an initial response from decision-makers at the Department of Justice that signaled interest, but they still have not committed to a ban.

So we're helping to shine a spotlight on this cruelty with this video. Please watch and share with your friends and family.

Sign the petition to add your voice to the call for justice now - let's make sure that the Attorney General can't ignore this issue any longer.

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"We urge you to ban the solitary confinement of youth held in federal custody."

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