Protect Voting Access in North Carolina - Oppose HB 782

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Democracy advocates across the state need your support to stop legislation that would blatantly obstruct every North Carolinian’s freedom to vote.

House Bill 782 would eliminate a long-standing provision that protects absentee voters from mail delays. If this legislation passes, it would mean that absentee ballots voted by but received after 5:00 p.m. on Election Day would not be counted. Had this been in effect during the 2020 elections, over 11,000 North Carolinians would have had their vote discounted.

If enacted, voters who cannot afford to take off work or are otherwise homebound would have to cast their votes up to 10 days earlier than those who vote in person.

Use the form below to urge lawmakers to reject HB 782.

Note: After you send your message, you will be directed to a page where you can also contact lawmakers urging them to oppose SB 326, another bill that would harm voting rights in North Carolina. Please consider taking one more action after this one (if you haven't already).

We appreciate you and need your support to stop these harmful bills.

Fight for your right to vote!
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